If you want the college lifestyle of your dreams, we got you!


Lumi was the first startup “spin off” out of
LAB Ventures, a Miami-based Startup Studio focused on building disruptive startups in the real estate technology (“PropTech”) industry.

The Wynwood-based studio is managed by a team of experienced tech investors, and brings together a talented group of developers, researchers, designers, financiers, and day-to-day staff, bringing the Lumi life to fruition.

Helping you create you a college lifestyle that you'll never forget.

A co-living community that's fun, comfortable, and exclusive in perks!


BlueDoor is made up of a youthful team who can empathize with your need for a special college experience. We help make your experience, from finding your ideal space and matching you with compatible roommates, to creating a safe, and fun community, for you and your new college buddies.


BlueDoor aims to disrupt traditional apartment or stinky dormroom living with fully furnished and decorated spaces (but still enough room to add your own personal touch)! The common areas are designed to be  trendy, comfortable, and perfect for movie/game nights to bond with your roommates. BlueDoor's perks sets us aside from any other competitors...  from spacious backyards for outdoor "getty's", a Google smart home, Instagram-friendly corners, to a groovy sense of community, and personalized cleaning services, taking the college experience to a new level.


Your days of searching for roommates, debating over bills, and trips to Ikea are over. Say hello to a no-chores lifestyle, shared common areas, and trendy rooms, all under a fixed cost structure. We will take care of the logistics, while you focus on having the college lifestyle of your dreams!

what we do

CREATING beautiful spaces to help encourage inspiration from within

Lumi Living is an off-campus student housing company that provides top-of-the-line, community-oriented residential services to students, educational institutions, and property owners. Our mission is to create communities of off-campus housing for students to study, socialize, and most importantly: thrive. From start to finish, we combine the human touch of our engaged Lumi team and a streamlined online application and resident management system.

living the lumi life

lumi works with:


Lumi is exclusively for students, whether they are looking for housing for the entire academic year or during quarterly internships.


We are connected with universities and community colleges to make sure whether or not they are providing the housing services their students need.

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