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A good living environment is key to academic and personal success. Lumi offers fully-furnished off-campus houses for students in close proximity to their university.

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Submit a quick application to help us learn a little bit more about you and what you’re looking for.


Meet Your Lumies

Suggest a friend or sit back and relax while we match you with a roomie best suited for you.

Move-in Day

Once you sign your lease, pay the deposit, and establish your move-in date, bring your stuff and you’re all set!

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discover the luxuries of living off-campus

Our homes provide everything you need all for one flat fee. Not only will you enjoy the privacy of your own bedroom (as opposed to stinky dorm-room living), but you'll get that college vibe as we link you up with your new #lumies -- who happen to be students just like you. Or better yet, you can even suggest your own roommate, a luxury that dorms hardly allow! Lumi is built to enhance your college experience from basic, to il-lumi-nating! 

all you need is... lumi


Fully Furnished

Come home to a beautiful space with tastefully curated furniture including beds, sofas, dining tables, TV, etc.

Security System

We want you to feel safe, so we've installed state-of-the-art security system in all our lumi homes.

Monthly Pantry Delivery

We'll deliver some extra essentials to make your life a little extra lumi.

Cleaning Services

Messy roommates? No problem! Our bi-monthly cleaning service will handle that so you don't have to!

Streaming Services

Take a break and enjoy some downtime with our streaming services (Hulu + ESPN + Disney).

Backyard & Grill

Socialize with your roommates and friends over a BBQ picnic  or a simple outdoor hangout in your own backyard.

Smart House

Eliminating small hassles with our smart home systems integrated in all lumi houses.

Ultra Speed Internet

Our houses are optimized with high-speed WiFi at no extra charge to you!

Private Room

Ditch your overcrowded dorm. Nothing beats a little "me" time in your own private room.

we make life easier


Base Rent


Utilities (+ wifi)

Household Supplies

Bi-Monthly Cleaning

Smart House


Total Price



ehh, there's a bed.


Only toilet paper.

Nope, prepare
to live stinky.


Not included. (+$60)


shared apt


Get ready to spend (+$250/mo)

Sometimes (+$120)

Nope, that's extra!
($60+ monthly)

Add it to your bill
($100+ monthly)

You want it? Cough it up! ($500+)

Sometimes. (+$100)









$2,000 - $2,400/mo


Meet some of our #lumies

"I am new to Florida so I didn't have friends in the state to be able to room with. Lumi took all that time and stress away, and not only did I end up with the best roommates... I've made friends that I know will last a lifetime."
- Sarah Hanz

we find your #lumies so you don't have to

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"Not having to spend money on furniture that I'd only using for a short portion of my life, yet coming home to a clean, modern, and trendy home, was my favorite part about Lumi Houses. I loved coming how to this every day!"
- Malik Riley

We furnish all houses so you don't have to...

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"Living with other young, busy students can get pretty messy. Lumi's monthly cleaning service helped us avoid controversy, and saved us a bunch of time so that we can focus on studying, and our social lives."

- Jessica Green

We include cleaning service, so you don't have to...

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Bring your friends and live your best life, your Lumi life. If you are looking for roommates, let us know and we’ll match you with someone compatible. You don't have to do college alone; welcome home.
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